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The Lituation Room – Episode IV: “The Dark Knight, Moon Knight, & Celebrity Fight Night”

Welcome back to The Lituation Room f.k.a. the Black Lightning Podcast! Holy Oscars Outrage, Batman!!! This month, Britney Monae, “Brother” Nate Milton, & Vanessa Shark hop back on the mics to discuss the fallout from the 2022


DC Movies Podcast – Episode 16: Suicide Squad Review

Welcome to episode 16 of DC Movies Podcast. Your co-hosts, Tony Kim and Chris Doucher review Suicide Squad, featuring some of the best of the worst DC Extended Universe super-villains.


DC Movies Podcast – Episode 2: Suicide Squad Trailer and Character Talk

Well, look at this, episode two of the DC Movies Podcast is here. In this thrill ride of an episode, the hosts, Chris Doucher, Gregg Katzman and Rose Moore talk