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Sandman Podcast Season 1 – Episode 3: “Dream a Little Dream”

Sandman’s “Dream a Little Dream” episode is enchanting! Tony, Wendy, and Carolyn discussed the differences between the comic and the show, the positives and negatives of both, and the positive

Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3.5 – Episode 1: Season 3 Overview

Grab your favorite drink from Ray’s Smoothie Shop and pack in for the longest episode the Legendary Ladies have ever done as Amy, Kat, and Morgan review the entire third


Constantine WonderCon 2018 Interview: Matt Ryan On Constantine’s Sexuality, Comics & More

Despite NBC ending his show, Matt Ryan’s John Constantine has continued to live on for the last few years on television and various animation. After Constantine ended on NBC, Ryan’s

Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3 – Episode 10: Daddy Darhkest

The Legendary Ladies return to discuss Season 3 episode 10 “Daddy Darhkest.” Kat and Morgan discuss magic, Constantine, bad wigs, terrifying Exorcist memories, Magic Lance, and more. Plus the ladies

DC TV Classics 08 – What the Hellblazer Happened to Constantine

DC TV Classics returns to discuss the brief short-lived NBC series Constantine, based on the classic Vertigo comic Hellblazer. Even though it was canceled after one season, Matt Ryan’s instantly

Legends of Tomorrow Podcast – Episode 9.5: Legends of Tomorrow on Arrow (Part 2)

For the second part of our ninth episode, the Legends of Tomorrow Podcast co-hosts, Kat Calamia and Gregg Katzman, talk all about the Arrow episode ‘Haunted’, which marks the return of Matt Ryan’s John