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Black Lightning Podcast Season X – Episode 1: “The Book of Epilogues” (with Rafael Castillo A.K.A. “Devonte”)

Welcome back to The Lituation Room a.k.a the Black Lightning Podcast! Britney Monae, Brother” Nate Milton, Clement Bryant & Vanessa Shark discuss their overall thoughts on the legacy of “Black Lightning“, read your

Black Lightning Podcast Season 3.5 – Episode 4: “DC TV Podcasts Charity 2020 AKA The Book Of Giving”

On Saturday June 20th, The DC TV Podcasts “Paragons Of Podcasting” came together for their annual podcast marathon for charity. This year’s charity was Feeding America. For The “Lituation Room” hour,

Black Lightning Podcast Season 3 Episode 14: “The Book Of War: Chapter One – Homecoming”

Welcome back to The Lituation Room a.k.a the Black Lightning Podcast. Join Britney Monae, Vanessa Shark, and Nate Milton as they review Season 3 Episode 14 of Black Lightning. Listen