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Stargirl Podcast Season 2 – Episode 13 – “Summer School: Chapter Thirteen” LIVE

For Episode 13 of Stargirl Podcast, your hosts Angie and Lizzie are joined by Andy B. of the Flash Podcast to discuss “Summer School: Chapter Thirteen” live! Chapter Thirteen… or

Stargirl Podcast Season 2 – Episode 12 – “Summer School: Chapter Twelve”

For Episode 12 of Stargirl Podcast, your hosts  Angie and Lizzie talked about Pat getting in touch with his bad side and Eclipso’s overall endgame. With only one episode left

Stargirl Podcast Season 1.5 – Episode 2: NYCC and the Hourman/Dr. Mid-Nite Ship

Your hosts Angie Dahl and Lizzie Sáenz are back once again talk about New York Comic-Con’s Stargirl panel and the hints Geoff Johns and cast members gave about the upcoming Season 2. While not talked about

Stargirl Podcast Season 1 – Episode 6: “The Justice Society”

“The Justice Society” has the new JSA going on their first mission as a team — but first, we’ve got to talk about the parents on this episode. Your hosts Angie

Stargirl Podcast Season 1 – Episode 5: “Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite”

We got not one, but two new members of the new JSA in Stargirl’s fifth episode! Like the episode title suggests, Courtney, this time joined by Yolanda, recruits Rick Harris to

Legends of Tomorrow Podcast Season 1.5 – Episode 4: JSA Characters

This week on the Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, the Legendary Ladies (Amy, Morgan, and Kat) are joined by guest DC Comic expert Jay McCarthy (www.comicfrontline.com) to discuss the new JSA