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Stargirl Podcast Season 1.5 – Episode 2: NYCC and the Hourman/Dr. Mid-Nite Ship

Your hosts Angie Dahl and Lizzie Sáenz are back once again talk about New York Comic-Con’s Stargirl panel and the hints Geoff Johns and cast members gave about the upcoming Season 2. While not talked about

Stargirl Podcast Season 1.5 – Episode 1: DC FanDome, Caity’s Tweets and We Love Pat (Always)

Did you miss us? After an unexpected hiatus (explained further in our episode), your hosts Angie Dahl and Lizzie Sáenz are back to talk about Stargirl news and other DCTV shenanigans, as well reflecting

Stargirl Podcast Season 1 – Episode 13: “Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two”

The final episode of Stargirl Season 1 did not disappoint! Your hosts Angie Dahl and Lizzie Sáenz have even declared it a perfect season of television. As usual, we had a lot of dad

Stargirl Podcast Season 1 – Episode 12: “Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One”

We are getting down to the final two episodes of Stargirl for its first season! This latest episode explored birthrights and legacies some more, and your hosts Angie Dahl and Lizzie Sáenz were very


Stargirl Podcast Season 1 – Episode 11: “Shining Knight”

For an episode called “Shining Knight,” you would think that most of our discussion would be about Sir Justin. However, your hosts Angie Dahl and Lizzie Sáenz spent quite a lot of time unpacking

Stargirl Podcast Season 1 – Episode 10: “Brainwave Jr.”

We needed several hours to compose ourselves before recording this episode. “Brainwave Jr.” had a lot of payoffs as far as things that have been set up throughout this first

Stargirl Podcast Season 1 – Episode 9: “Brainwave”

This week’s episode of Stargirl focused on Brainwave’s backstory, and it involves a lot more VHS tapes than you would think. Your hosts Angie Dahl and Lizzie Sáenz discuss Henry Jr.’s potential redemption even

Stargirl Podcast Season 1 – Episode 8: “Shiv Part Two”

“Shiv Part Two” gave us more information about Cindy Burman and her family, but it also gave us one of the creepiest lines of dialogue we’ve heard on Stargirl. Your

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Stargirl Podcast Season 1 – Episode 7: “Shiv Part One”

Episode 7 of Stargirl, “Shiv Part One,” gives us more background on Cindy Burman: the resident mean girl of the school who would rather be a super-villain than on the

DC TV Podcasts 2020 Charity – Stargirl Podcast Season 1: Future JSA Members We’d Like to See

On this special episode of Stargirl Podcast, your hosts Angie Dahl and Lizzie Sáenz recorded LIVE for the annual charity event marathon to raise money for Feeding America! We discussed the JSA members we’d