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DC TV Classics 50 – Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

On another DC TV Classics movie rewatch, Keith Chow and Adam Starcaster revisit the final Christopher Reeve Superman film, 1987’s Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Directed by Sidney Furie, Superman

DC TV Classics 48 – Superman III

Keith Chow and Adam Starcaster return to Metropolis to do an audio commentary for Superman III, the 1983 sequel starring Richard Pryor and Christopher Reeve. Widely regarded as the point

DC TV Classics 46 – Superman II

Keith Chow and Adam Starcaster pick up where they left off last episode as they revisit Metropolis in Superman II, the 1981 follow-up to the smash hit Superman! Often lauded

DC TV Classics 45 – Superman The Movie

In another installment of Keith Chow and Adam Starcaster’s journey through the history of DC on film, they revisit the 1978 classic, Superman the Movie! Starring Christopher Reeve as Superman, Gene

DC TV Classics 36 – Superman For Eight Decades

We continue our celebration of the Man of Steel as Superman celebrates his 80th birthday! ComicMix’s Emily Whitten joins the program to share her love of Superman and dish on


DC Movies Podcast – Episode 14: LIVE Recording For The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

Episode 14 of DC Movies Podcast is a little different. Sure, your co-hosts Chris Doucher and Ashley Robinson talked all-things new in the DC Cinematic Universe, including new The Flash