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watchmen nite owl silk spectre

Watchmen Podcast Season 0 – Episode 3: Silk Spectre and Nite Owl

Your favorite hosts are back with another episode of Watchmen Podcast! Carolyn, Wendy,  Vanessa, and Toni break down “the middle men” of the original Watchmen series, Laurie Juspeczyk aka Silk Spectre II and

The Flash Podcast Special Edition: DC Rebirth

On a special edition episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy is joined by returning guest host Ashley Robinson (host of Geek History Lessons) as well as fellow DC TV Podcasts member

Quiver Season 2: Episode 2

Mike returns with special guest, Brian Milne filling in for Amanda, on an all-new episode of Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast to recap the CW Arrow episode, “Identity!” Can Olive