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The Flash Podcast Season 6.5 – Episode 21: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Cut) Film Commentary

On this episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy was joined once again by DC TV Podcasts super-friend Rebecca Johnson from Supergirl Radio LIVE and WIRED on YouTube as they take the

Black Lightning Podcast Season 3.5 – Episode 5: “The Book Of Thicc Bois”

Welcome back to The Lituation Room a.k.a the Black Lightning Podcast! This week, Britney Monae, Clement Bryant, Nate Milton, & Vanessa Shark take a break from singing Hamilton numbers to


DC Films Podcast – Episode 28: New Batman Director & Teen Titans Trailer

Hey guys! This week’s episode is a bit shorter than our usual content, but just as jam packed with the latest DC film news you need to know! The gang


DC Films Podcast – Episode 27: Batfleck Steps Down

In this week’s episode, the gang discusses some hard hitting topics including the latest in Aquaman casting news, Temuera Morrison, Nicole Kidman, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen ll are in negotiations to


DC Movies Podcast: Episode 12 – Booster Gold, Director Issues & DC TV Heroes On The Big Screen

On this episode of DC Movies Podcast, with Ashley Robinson unable to make it, our other two hosts, Tony Kim and Chris Doucher break down some of the biggest news


DC Movies Podcast – Episode 11: DC Heroines & Villains

Hello again to all of our incredible listeners. On episode 11 of DC Movies Podcast, your hosts, Rose Moore, Chris, Doucher, Tony Kim, as well as our newest addition; Ashley Robinson,