Warner Bros. Confirms Batman Solo Film With Ben Affleck

Ever since Ben Affleck got cast as the next actor to portray the legendary Caped Crusader, Batman, in the DC Extended Universe, there have been major talks about what his adventures will be beyond Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which came out a few weeks ago.

For months, if not a whole year, there have been rumors about Affleck not only starring in his own Batman film, but also working behind the camera as the film’s director and co-writer on the screenplay. Geoff Johns, CCO of DC Entertainment, has been said to be Affleck’s co-writer on the flick. Today at the ongoing CinemaCon, Kevin Tsujihara, president of Warner Bros. Pictures, confirmed that the movie is in fact in development, in just one simple sentence.

“We’re working with Ben Affleck on a standalone Batman movie,”

Press that are attending CinemaCon were also tweeting along with the panel as Ben Fritz, from Wall Street Journal, tweeted

“Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara confirms for the first time Ben Affleck-directed “Batman” movie is on the slate, will come out in next 5 years”

In addition to that, he also tweeted the following as to when we can expect to see it.:

“Affleck’s “Batman” will likely come out in October of 2018 or November 2019, which Warner has reserved for DC movies”

While there wasn’t an exact confirmation about whether Affleck is directing it or not, Peter Sciretta, from SlashFilm, tweeted:

“WB head says they will be doing a Batman solo movie “with Ben Affleck”. Some are taking that as a confirmation that Ben will be directing.”

It would be shocking at this point if Affleck is actually co-writing and directing his own Batman movie, but hopefully it will clear us sooner rather than later.

Are you excited for a Ben Affleck Batman film? What do you hope to see in it? Let us know below!

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