Hopes Of A DC Movie/TV Universe Crossover Dashed By Flash Producer Charles Roven!

by Fred Blunden

It’s been flat-out stated many times that the DC Extended Universe will exist as a separate entity to the TV universe. However, the success of Arrow and The Flash had given fans hope that DC might reconsider and merge the universes allowing for a crossover of mythic proportions.

Given that The Flash season two is centered around the possibilities of characters traversing the multiverse (allowing the Jay Garrick Flash to exist alongside the Barry Allen Flash) the in-universe potential of a crossover appeared a possibility at long last. However, producer Charles Roven is insistent that it’s unlikely to ever happen.

“Our Flash is gonna be not that guy. [Gustin is] terrific in doing [what he’s doing]. I think that whether it’s The Flash or Arrow, they’re doing a great job with the TV shows they’re doing. Gotham, that show’s really terrific. And we obviously wish them the best. It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens when we have a different Flash in a different universe. We’re gonna try to stay in our universe and they’re gonna be staying, I think, in their universe, and hopefully the audiences will embrace both. I think they can. You know, Supergirl is not in our universe, and that seems to be doing quite well.”

While a Flash stand-alone movie is still in the planning stages Roven is insistent that it’s on its way and will arrive in 2018 as scheduled “We are in the script stage,” he confirmed. “Early, early, early in the script stage.”.

Source: Collider