David Goyer Talks Man Of Steel Prequel Series: Krypton

With the incredible success of Arrow, The Flash and Gotham, as well as the recent addition Supergirl and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow, DC seems to be taking over the small screen! Now it seems that we are definitely getting at least one more show added to the pile, as David Goyer reveals that Man of Steel prequel series Krypton is definitely still in the works.

In an interview with Collider, Goyer reveals that he is still working with SyFy on the series, and the we should even have some more news about the show very soon…

In the clip, Goyer talks about how much he loved including some Kryptonian scenes in Man of Steel, and it seems that those opening scenes will be something of a preview for the world we see in the series.

“Part of the fun of doing Man of Steel—and I was so insistent on setting that opening on Krypton and really seeing it, was pulling back the curtain. The first draft, the first forty pages were on Krypton, so we compressed that all down to fifteen minutes and there were a lot of ideas that I wanted to use in the film that didn’t ultimately make it into the film.”

Obviously, it’s not going to be a direct prequel, as he confirms that the show is set 200 years before the events of the film, but it’s clear that the two are linked: that Goyer’s vision from Man of Steel will be part of the creation of Krypton as a show.

One of the most interesting parts of this is that it suggests that Krypton will be part of the DCEU- new ground for DC, as thus far they have kept shows like Arrow and The Flash very separate from the upcoming Justice League films. This change could be because the new series will be set so far in the past that it won’t have any crossover or impact on the films, giving writers the creative freedom that they need (and that some of Marvel’s TV offerings, like Agents of SHIELD, have been criticized for lacking).

There’s definitely plenty of potential in the idea of a Kryptonian series, so let’s hope that Goyer’s news comes quickly!