Did Cartoon Network Announce Return Of Teen Titans Animated Series?

While the Titans Podcast is mainly about the live-action series that is coming to the DC streaming series, we’re fans of the Teen Titans in other media too! One of the previous incarnations on TV was the original Teen Titans series that lasted for 5 seasons on Cartoon Network.

Loyal fans of the series have been wanting the show to come back ever since it went off the air. At this year’s WonderCon, it appeared that their prayers may have been answered! During a panel for the ongoing Teen Titans Go! show, Michael Jelenic, co-producer, said that he “can almost guarantee” that the original series is coming back.

But where and when? At first, speculations were that it might be for the DC streaming service where other animated shows like Young Justice: Outsiders and Harley Quinn will be airing. Then something interesting happened today. During the airing of a Teen Titans Go! episode, Cartoon Network flashed a very interesting card as Greg Cipes, who has voiced Beast Boy in the many iterations of Teen Titans in animation, tweeted this out.

The actor himself has been asking on social media whether this is real or not, but given Jelenic’s comments last month, this could be another sign that it is happening. We’ll keep you updated as soon as there are new details from the studio and/or Cartoon Network.

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