Booster Gold Movie To Stand Alone

DC Entertainment is exploring the idea of a stand alone Booster Gold film. This is a departure from the trend in superhero movies these days where the name of the game is world building with large interconnected themes and plots.

We have learned from Vulture, that Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti, the team behind the DC television shows that air on the CW (Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow), have brought the idea of a Booster Gold movie to the chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns.  A Booster Gold TV show has been on the mind of the team before and was even discussed during Kreisberg’s interview with Kevin Smith on Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast several months ago.

The tenuous plan for a Booster Gold film at the moment would have it standing separate from the larger DCEU that is being forged by Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, Suicide Squad and the forthcoming Justice League and Wonder Woman.  This makes sense with the implied tone of the Booster Gold film being decidedly more lighthearted than what we have seen so far in the DCEU movies.

Kreisberg and Berlanti have worked with Zack Stentz to flesh out a story for the hero. Stentz has co-written Marvel properties X-Men: First Class and Thor as well as Flash Episodes “Monster” and “The Runaway Dinosaur”.

Booster Gold is a man from the future who, with some stolen technology, has traveled to our present to seek glory as a superhero.

Booster Gold first appeared in Booster Gold #1 (February 1986) and was created by Dan Jurgens.  He has appeared in the DC Animated universe on both Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and The Bold.  In live action has been played by Eric Martsolf on Smallville.