Garcia and Johnson Excited About New Tone For DCEU

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Hiram Garcia had a meeting with DC comics on January 10th and apparently it was very promising.  Following the discussion with DC he tweeted out this:

Clearly big news was on the way.  Garcia is the Producer of the upcoming Shazam movie, and the vice president of The Rock’s production company.  Earlier in December of 2016 The Rock teased a possible team up with Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Yesterday Garcia followed up with this tweet:

This should further entice DC fans as the article it links to on MovieWeb goes a bit further into detail about the possibilities and the direction of The Rock’s Black Adam character for the DCEU. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) sees Black Adam in a larger scope than the typical villain he’s portrayed to be.

The actor said he loved the fact that Black Adam “started off as a slave, and he felt he was wronged.” While that is a valid description of Black Adam’s back story, and he did spend some time with the Justice Society, he’s typically seen as a villain.


Not only is Garcia excited about the new direction at DC, but clearly Johnson is as well as he posted this to his Facebook page:

Black Adam, whose alter ego is Teth Adam was originally created by Otto Binder
C. C. Beck for Fawcett Comics in 1945.  DC Comics later acquired the company and the rights to the character and Shazam (then named Captain Marvel).

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