SDCC 2019 – Black Lightning Interview: Nafessa Williams on ThunderGrace & More in Season 3

Season 3 of The CW drama Black Lightning, ended with a massive bang as it was revealed that the Markovian were on their way to Freeland. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the cast of Black Lightning was present to preview the third season that will arrive in October. The Flash Podcast/Black Lightning Podcast took part in the press room this year to discuss with the actors on what to expect in Season 3.

One of the talents that were present was Thunder herself as Nafessa Williams chatted with the press about things to look forward to in the new season. Things that Williams talked about included:

*What is coming up between Anissa and Grace in Season 3 since the events of Season 2.

*Anissa’s view on vigilantism and how she wants to keep Freeland safe.

*What she has found the most interesting in Anissa’s character development and where she wants to see it go in Season 3.

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