HVFF Interview | Arrow’s Katie Cassidy Talks Black Siren Backstory & Meeting Gail Simone

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Arrow’s Katie Cassidy talks about creating backstory for Earth-2 Laurel Lance a.k.a. Black Siren, meeting DC Comics’ Gail Simone, and more at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, New Jersey. #HVFF #Arrow

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HVFF Interview | Arrow’s Katie Cassidy Talks Black Siren Backstory & Meeting Gail Simone

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  1. Has she ever watched Arrow? ‘It started with the two of them’? No, it didn’t. In the show Oliver says ‘it started with the three of us’ in reference to Felicity, Diggle and himself. He said this TO laurel. If she means before the Island, i think you can safely say it started with him and Tommy before she lied to become his GF. I’d heard she didn’t actually read anything in the scripts other than her lines, but i didn’t believe it until now.

      1. Yikes….for someone who didn’t want her character to ‘just be a love interest’ she sure focused on that aspect a lot.

        1. Nothing against Katie, I don’t know her and I’m not waiting behind my screen for her next interview to “react negatively”. The thing is, put most of her interviews together, and it’s a big ol’ pile of contradictions.

    1. The show started with only Stephen and Katie thus it started with the two of them. Why do people always react negatively to everything Katie says.

      1. It didn’t? Even in the pilot, Diggle and Thea were prominent parts of the episode. All I know is that Katie was cast before Stephen. If that’s what she meant, why should it end with only the two of them and in what way?

      2. Because people are assholes. What always makes me laugh is that they would probably act completely different if they actually got to meet her. They’re trolls that hide behind keyboards. The show started with Stephen and Katie. They were the leads of the show, her being the more recognizable. I will never understand the hatred she receives when all she’s done is give her time and her body to a role that never respected her.