Titans Podcast Season 2.5 – Episode 1: Titans Season 3 & Doom Patrol Season 2 Updates!

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After a long, long, long, LONG, hiatus, at last….they’re back! For their first 2020 episode of the Titans (& Doom Patrol) Podcast, AndyCori, and Laura get together to check in with listeners after an extended break since their season 2 finale of Titans back in November. Despite COVID-19 having affected Titans season 3’s production, the gang still have a slew of updates on news and rumors about the third season of the DC Universe drama. What new characters are coming next season? In addition to that, they get ready for the second season of Doom Patrol which will premiere on Thursday, June 25 on HBO Max AND DC Universe!

Tune in for their first episode back of the Titans (& Doom Patrol) Podcast! Don’t forget, Titans Podcast will be joining DC TV Podcasts next weekend as the network is hosting its annual charity marathon on Saturday, June 20 to raise money for Feeding America – for more information on where to donate, visit DCTVPodcasts.com/Fundraiser!

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