Titans Podcast Season 1.5 – Episode 8: Jason Todd/Robin II Character Spotlight

On the Season 1.5 finale of the Titans (and Doom Patrol) Podcast, Andy, Cori, and Laura are joined by fellow DC TV Podcaster Jess Plinys from Batwoman Podcast to do their final character spotlight for the summer season. Joining first in Season 1 and now a series regular for Season 2 is Curran Walters’ Jason Todd a.k.a. Robin II!

Throughout the character spotlight, the gang goes through Jason’s long comic history from his time as the second Boy Wonder to become the Red Hood as well as his presence in media and their hopes for him in Season 2. That and more on this week’s Titans Podcast – see you for Season 2 next week!

As mentioned previously on the podcast: Warren Appleby, a special effects coordinator on the show, sadly died in an accident during Season 2 production during SDCC week. A memorial fund has been set up at GoFundMe so if you can, please consider making a donation by clicking here. The podcast offers its deepest condolences to Mr. Appleby’s family, friends, and colleagues.

“In season two, following the aftermath of their encounter with Trigon, Dick reforms the Titans. Under his supervision in their new home at Titans Tower, Rachel, Gar and Jason Todd (Walters) train together to hone their hero abilities and work together as a team. They are joined by Hank Hall and Dawn Granger aka Hawk and Dove (Ritchson and Kelly) and Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl (Leslie). Although these original Titans attempt to transition into a regular life, when old enemies resurface everyone must come together to take care of unfinished business. And as this family of old and new Titans – including Conner Kent (Orpin) and Rose Wilson (Zhang) – learn to co-exist, the arrival of Deathstroke (Morales), brings to light the sins of the old Titans which threaten to tear this new Titans family apart once more.”

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