The Flash Podcast Season 1.5 – Post-Comic-Con 2015

This week on Season 1.5 of The Flash Podcast, Andy, Lauren and Amy return from their big adventures at San Diego Comic-Con to break down everything that was announced and revealed about Season 2 of The Flash! They chat about the major castings of Jay Garrick and Patty Spivot, as well as analyzing the trailer that was revealed at Comic-Con featuring the arrival of the next big bad for Barry: Zoom. That and more on the summer edition of The Flash Podcast!

1 thought on “The Flash Podcast Season 1.5 – Post-Comic-Con 2015

  1. Marty M. says:

    Ok, isn’t everything going to be completely different since Eddie killed himself? Kind of like flashpoint paradox. I don’t think its be the same timeline. Iris may not even remember Eddie at all because he would have never existed. Same goes for Arrow cuz its in the same universe which is why we are getting a lighter Green Arrow in Star City.

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