The Flash Podcast 15 – Out of Time

On this week’s episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy, Scott and Amy review The Flash’s 15th episode titled “Out of Time” that featured Liam McIntyre’s debut as Mark Mardon a.k.a. the Weather Wizard, time travel as well as Harrison’s big secrets. In addition, they discuss the recent news that Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) is joining the Arrow-Flash spin-off! They also read listener feedback about the episode before heading into the spoiler section for next week’s episode “Rogue Time”.

2 thoughts on “The Flash Podcast 15 – Out of Time

  1. Mark Brinkman says:

    Recent events on the show have me CURIOUS — Where is Central City located approximately in the CW universe? The last I heard it mentioned in the comic books was along the Kansas side of the Missouri river border between Kansas and Missouri, with Keystone City on the Missouri side. But with the Tsunami and Plastique episodes making it clear it is along a large body of water, making the Midwestern comic book location not fit. Is it now an EAST coast city? Or perhaps on the Great Lakes? Can we deduce its new location yet from show clues?

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