The Flash Podcast 020 – Exclusive Interview: Robert Vendetti & Van Jensen Talks The Flash!

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Welcome to another special episode of The Flash Podcast!

We recently had the honor to talk to the new writers of DC Comics “The Flash”, Robert Vendetti and Van Jensen.

In this exclusive interview, they discuss how they got attached to the project, the introduction of Wally West in #30 and Annual #3, what fans can look forward to in their run of The Flash, their thoughts about the new TV show and much more! We would like to thank Robert and Van once again for taking time to come on to The Flash Podcast.

Make sure to follow them on Twitter @robertvendetti and @van_jensen as well as check out their respective websites, and Van’s ongoing Kickstarter for his book “The Leg”

The Flash #31 will be out tomorrow (Wednesday, May 28), in comic book stores near you and also available on Comixology and Read DC Entertainment. 

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