The Flash Podcast 014 – Wally West

Welcome back to The Flash Podcast!

On this installment, Andy is joined by his good friend and colleague from Comicosity, Alison Berry who is one of the great co-hosts of Comicosity’s The Hangout.

Together they do a character spotlight about someone that a lot of you have been waiting for and it’s none other than Wally West!

They discuss Wally’s history throughout the pre-52 era, his presence in the media as well as the recently introduction that he had in The New 52 and much more.

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2 thoughts on “The Flash Podcast 014 – Wally West

  1. Alice A says:

    I looooved the Wild Wests arc! The last 140 issues of Flash were my favourite, from the time Wally really hooked up with Linda was the best IMO, she really grounded him and whilst he was still immature she gave him a more serious outlook, I feel!

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