Supergirl Radio Season 1.5 – Season 2 Renewal

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In this episode of Supergirl Radio, Carly Lane and Rebecca Johnson discuss Supergirl’s Season 2 renewal, The CW Upfronts, and respond to listener feedback! Join in on the fun as the gang at Supergirl Radio covers The CW’s Supergirl!

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  1. Flash’s season finale looks like the beginning of Flashpoint. With Cisco vibing Earth Two being torn apart I think season 3 will collapse universes and enable the whole Supergirl cast to join the Earth One DC crew. Jay from Earth Three can easily be in story lines. The merging of universes could be the whole theme of the December crossover. Arrow ended without any true direction so when Barry rewrites the timeline they can reboot. Rip on Legends can’t miss a disruption in time that huge. Just as in the comics, Flash will shake everything up and impact the whole universe. What do you think?