Supergirl Radio – Season 0: Character Spotlight – Allies and Villains

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On this week’s Supergirl Radio, your hosts Teresa Jusino and Rebecca Johnson are joined by special guest Matt Moore of Comic Book Noob to shine a spotlight on the heroic and villainous characters like Red Tornado, Livewire, Non, Hellgrammite and more, that will be interacting with Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl. Join in on the fun as the gang at Supergirl Radio prepare for the premiere on October 26!

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  1. Great episode and cool to hear from Matt of Comic Book Noob; your shows both help make these stories and genre more accessible, which is awesome!
    Looking forwards to Red Tornado… he was always on the periphery of my comic reading, but he was the perfect den mother for Young Justice… someone who could provide a tie to the Justice League and watch over them… but justifiably hands-off enough not to subvert the teens-on-their-own premise of the book. It’s because RT was ST:TNG/Data-like android that he was hands-off and you never got that “Where are all the adults?!” / Harry Potter type feeling. 😉
    Hope there are some on-going / reoccurring villains too!

    1. I get a great deal out of Comic Book Noob and was glad Matt could join us to talk about all of these fun characters!

      I need to rewatch Young Justice and get my Red Tornado on again 🙂