Supergirl Radio – Season 0: San Diego Comic-Con

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On this week’s Supergirl Radio, your hosts Teresa Jusino and Rebecca Johnson discuss news about CBS’ Supergirl that came out of San Diego Comic-Con while also discussing the TV Guide Supergirl comic, “Sister Act.”  Join in on the fun as the gang at Supergirl Radio prepare for CBS’ Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist!

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  1. Let me say that I would eagerly buy a comic book in the vein of the TV Guide short. I really like this artist’s work.

  2. I think Melissa Benoist already has a couple tattoos, but I’m sure they’ll be hiding those on the show.

    I love Ginger Rogers as an actress (though I was disappointed to learn about her political views).

    Maybe it’s just me being overly sensitive, but the abs thing at Comic Con felt vaguely inappropriate and uncomfortable. The moderator refused to let it go it until Mehcad Brooks finally relented and lifted up his shirt. Mechad Brooks didn’t seem embarrassed and he certainly doesn’t have anything to be embarrassed about, but I just got this creepy vibe at the way he was pressured into showing off his physique. I mean, if the moderator had badgered Melissa Benoist into showing off some skin for the audience, that presumably would not have been okay. Besides, it was a very short panel, so it seemed like a waste of precious time.

    This is my first time learning about the Supergirl comic in TV Guide, and I’m guessing it may be too late for me to get it now. I doubt that when Supergirl’s comic comes back, it’l be directly based on the show, but they may draw influences form it. That sort of thing seems to happen when a movie or TV show based on a comic becomes popular, the best example I can think of being when Harley Quinn crossed over from the animated series to the comics.

    I’m afraid I can’t really afford to keep up with what’s going on in the comics nowadays, but from what I understand, DC has been making some questionable decisions for a while. One might hope that perhaps they’re retooling Supergirl in anticipation of the TV show.

    1. Melissa can have tattoos, but it would be tough to ink Supergirl 🙂

      I feel the same way about Ginger Rogers. Love her movies, but some of her personal beliefs, I disagree with.

      Agreed about the abs thing. Mehcad didn’t seem bothered by it, but it’s probably not something that should be done. It’s happened to Stephen Amell before so it’s become this thing that happens now. And you’re right, it did waste some time that could have been used to take a fan question (which I think are the more important things at panels).

      I’m hoping a Supergirl comic based on the TV series will be created in the same way as the companion comics for The Flash and Arrow.