Supergirl Radio – Season 0: Death and the Family

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On this week’s Supergirl Radio, your hosts Teresa Jusino and Rebecca Johnson discuss news about CBS’ Supergirl (including what Smallville’s Aaron Ashmore has to say about Mehcad Brooks as the new James “The Grown Man” Olsen!) while also discussing the trade paperback Supergirl: Death and the Family. Join in on the fun as the gang at Supergirl Radio prepare for CBS’ Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist!

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  1. One of the things I noticed reading Gates’ Supergirl run was that Kara was always more concerned with finding a peaceful solution to her problems whereas most heroes punch first and ask questions later. Kara tries to understand the motives of the “villains” she comes across and as a result ends up trying to help them out of a bad situation. You see it with Silver Banshee and later Bizarro-Girl. I’m hoping both those characters make it into the new TV show and I hope Kara’s intelligence and compassion come through in the show as well.