Supergirl Radio – Season 0: “Man Of Steel” Prequel Comic and Costume Talk

This week on Supergirl Radio, your hosts Teresa Jusino and Rebecca Johnson are joined by The Flash Podcast’s Andy B. to cover news about CBS’ Supergirl TV series (including even more casting news and The Costume!), and discuss the Man of Steel prequel comic, which stars Kara Zor-El! Join in on the fun as the gang at Supergirl Radio prepare for CBS’ Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist!


15 thoughts on “Supergirl Radio – Season 0: “Man Of Steel” Prequel Comic and Costume Talk

  1. MithrandirOlorin says:

    I’m glad the universes are separate, I’m getting sick of Marvel’s limits. I want different versions of the same characters.

    Supergirl and Flash can’t be connected either because Superman has been around for 15 years.

    I’ve never liked the Immortal Superman Take. On Earth-Two the Superman who’d been around since 1938 did have graying hair by the 80s. Same with Kingdom Come.

    1. Teresa Jusino says:

      Time travel in The Flash. Just sayin’. Anything’s possible. 😉

      But we totally understand your frustration with the same-ol, same-ol.

  2. DrAwkward says:

    Great episode, fun to listen to during the commute home.

    I was quietly worried that we’d have a radically different costume that might be unrecognizable as Supergirl or the… challenging… New52 costume… but then we got something remarkably traditional yet modern and unique. You KNOW it’s Supergirl but you will always also know that this is CBS’s TV Supergirl without question or ambiguity. Even the S-Crest has subtle touches that mean it can support its own merchandising so that someone wearing apparel or accessories with that S can signal, “this is Supergirl’s”… her own S.

    I’m going to side on the cape being just red, no S on the back, as well.

    Another bet you guys can try to guess at is what night-of-the-week Supergirl is going to slot into for CBS.

    The prequel comic discussion was great, I liked the idea of villains who own their evil, granny Kara, Dr. Who Kara (“You know like Kane in Kung Fu…”). Thanks so much for letting me be a part of a great show! 🙂

    Can’t wait until next Tuesday.

    1. Teresa Jusino says:

      It was so great of you to participate. Thank you so much! Your insight on the prequel comic was great!

    2. Rebecca Johnson says:

      I’m personally, hoping for Supergirl on Sunday or Thursday (even though it’s a tough timeslot) just so I can have four straight nights of DC TV!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the prequel comic with us!

  3. craigmacd says:

    I’d prefer the yellow “S” on the cape (for both Superman and Supergirl) but I doubt it will happen. They haven’t used it in the comics since before the New 52.

  4. craigmacd says:

    Also, in terms of villains: Supergirl has fought Silver Banshee (a Superman villain) in a few incarnations and she seems to be her main foe. Out of Supergirl’s original rogues gallery, only Reactron stands out. I don’t think he’s been in the New 52 yet, but he was an enemy of Kara’s during the Silver Age and in Sterling Gates’ run.

    1. Teresa Jusino says:

      Ooh! We didn’t bring up Reactron. Good thought! Though I personally still think that it’s good that she doesn’t really have an “arch-nemesis,” and if she does on the show, I hope it’s someone we haven’t seen before.

    1. Teresa Jusino says:

      There are certainly a lot of people on the internet who agree with you. I happen to like that the costume seems more grounded and elegant in a simple way. I like that the colors are subdued and not too cartoony.

      But to each their own!

  5. Chris_Barnes says:

    Hi Teresa  Rebecca and Andy, 

    I just finished listening to yet another great episode of Supergirl radio (being almost a week ago now).  I had so many thoughts about it but couldn’t get them down anywhere since I was driving at the time.  Let me see if I can recall. 

    Arch villain – as far as I know Kara doesn’t really have one in the New 52 and I think that might be part of why she’s sort of outside the more widespread knowledge.  And maybe why her book is getting canned after convergence. 

    If you look at the heroes that everyone knows it’s usually because they have a large rogues gallery that includes at least one iconic villain.  Batman-Joker, Superman-Lex, Spider-Man-Green Goblin. Supergirl lacks that and I think it should be part of the shows priority to establish. To have a really successful hero they need great villains. 

    The costume is amazing! I know I had separate discussions with Rebecca and Andy and a few other people about it when it was revealed. There are a few things I would prefer but they are simply personal preferences the New 52 S and gold trim on the cape and or skirt just to separate the look that little bit more from Superman, but as is the costume is great, I love it.

    I meant to send this ages ago but my own little Supergirls (both under 2 years old) have kind of gotten in the way of sending this.

    Keep up the amazing work on the podcast!

    1. Rebecca Johnson says:

      I like your idea that the CBS show could be what establishes an iconic villain for Supergirl!

      Your Supergirls come first!

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