Supergirl Radio – Season 0: Smallville (Part 2)

On this week’s Supergirl Radio, your hosts Teresa Jusino and Rebecca Johnson discuss Supergirl news (SPOILER ALERT: It’s going to series!), as well as the Season 7  Smallville episodes “Lara” “Fracture” and “Apocalypse” with returning special guest, BuddyTV’s Morgan Glennon! Join in on the fun as the gang at Supergirl Radio prepare for CBS’ Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist!

5 thoughts on “Supergirl Radio – Season 0: Smallville (Part 2)

  1. MithrandirOlorin says:

    It existing in the same Universe as the CW shows makes no sense, it is obviously impossible Superman already exists on The Flash. I was wanting them separate, I like The Flash being the biggest Superhero in his Universe.

    1. Rebecca Johnson says:

      We chose to bunch these three episodes together because they have a theme of identity.

      There’s just too much Supergirl ground to cover to get to everything.

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