Supergirl Radio – Season 0: Identity

On this week’s Supergirl Radio, your hosts Teresa Jusino and Rebecca Johnson discuss Supergirl news (Helen Slater talks about the pilot!), as well as the trade paperback, Supergirl: Identity. Join in on the fun as the gang at Supergirl Radio prepare for CBS’ Supergirl, starring Melisssa Benoist!

2 thoughts on “Supergirl Radio – Season 0: Identity

  1. MithrandirOlorin says:

    This trade included the fight with Batgirl right?

    I’m against Public School, they’re inherently unnatural

    I know people who look as Hott as Kara that were bullied in High-school, the whole correlation between being attractive and being popular is a myth..

    I’ve never heard of Powerboy.

    It’s a shame there are no Trade Paperbacks collecting her Silver and Bronze Age storylines. That is the Kara I like the most.

    Thanks for reading my comment, that’s awesome. I see you find my scree-name amusing, it’s two alternate names of Gandalf The Grey.

    1. Rebecca Johnson says:

      There was a fight with Batgirl, but it was surprisingly very short and didn’t have a lot of substance. I was expecting more.

      Personally, I am glad for my public school experience. I had some good times and bad times, but I think I’m a better person for it. Though, I understand it may not be for everyone.

      I agree that we all have our problems and insecurities.

      I had never heard of Power Boy until this book. I’m curious as how he is portrayed in other stories.

      Your screen is awesome, but I think we both were amused at our struggle to pronounce it 🙂

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