Supergirl Radio DCTV Charity 2017: SR Awards Season 2

On this episode of Supergirl Radio, Rebecca Johnson and Carly Lane get together for the DC TV Podcasts’ third annual charity podcast marathon as the network teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund this year in a live marathon on Saturday, June 17. During the live-show, the duo hosts the second annual SR Awards for the second season of Supergirl with several categories, including Favorite Episode, Character, Actor, Actress, Moments, Villain and so much more. That and more on the latest episode of the podcast!

On behalf of everyone here at DC TV Podcasts: a big thank you to everyone who donated and participated in the live-chat throughout the whole day! Winners of the raffle giveaways will be announced very shortly so be sure to stay tuned on the DC TV Podcasts social media for the official announcement. While the fundraiser did hit its goal, you can still donate and help the network reach $2000 for World Wildlife Fund at!

Supergirl Season 3 premieres on Monday, October 9 at 8/7c on The CW!

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1 thought on “Supergirl Radio DCTV Charity 2017: SR Awards Season 2

  1. Rebecca Johnson says:


    – I mixed up “The Martian Chronicles” and “Homecoming”
    – I said “Just because they’re in the background doesn’t mean they’re important” and I meant “doesn’t mean they’re NOT important”
    – I said “problem” when I meant “solution”

    Just wanted to clear those things up since I didn’t catch myself on these instances of misspeaking. Sometimes, that’s hard to do in the moment when you’re podcasting and especially, when LIVE with a chat room and trying to keep an eye on several things at once.

    Also? I just have a terrible memory 🙂

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