Stargirl Podcast Season 0 – Episode 6: Trailer Reactions & News (Finally!)

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We’re back! After a couple of months with literally zero news about the Stargirl series, your hosts Angie Dahl and Lizzie Sáenz finally have news to discuss and a trailer to break down. A whole minute of Stargirl content! There’s a staff and actual dialogue! And Courtney in action! Can you tell we were really excited about it?!

Angie and Lizzie also talk about the teaser released before the trailer, as well as the news that the show is premiering on both DC Universe and the CW and what that could mean for the future of the show. Of course, it wouldn’t be the Stargirl Podcast without a sidebar about the CW DC shows. And, Lizzie found a tweet that we needed to discuss.

LOGLINE: STARGIRL follows high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore who inspires an unlikely group of young heroes to stop the villains of the past. This new CW series reimagines Stargirl and the very first superhero team, the Justice Society of America, in a fun, exciting and unpredictable series premiering in 2020, produced by Warner Bros. Television, Mad Ghost Productions and Berlanti Productions.

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  1. So about Brec, she did reply to someone saying that the tweet in question was a joke (when I saw the tweet, it could have been read as an edgy joke mocking him because I’ve seen some other small time actors do that, and I personally dislike it, but it’s their way of clowning him. I’m still unsure if that was the case, though, considering where she was born), but she deleted that reply for some reason. Someone else brought up around the time Brec was in some anti-Trump campaign video during that year (though I don’t know what video, and I don’t know how to find it to confirm it). This was during a time where she wrapped up Bella & the Bulldogs and transitioning over the that All Night show, so she was still in public limelight, so she would have blown up for this if it was a legitimate endorsement of him (She’s in my age group, and I’ve seen similar actors get flamed for some inappropriate posts they’ve made in that year). I don’t want to control other people’s feelings on the matter. I still don’t know how to feel about it, and she’s not exactly as public about her political stance (The most recent thing I can name that she publicly did political-wise was posting donation links to different charities that helped aid the Indigenous communities affected by the fires in the Amazon).

    Did you two see this? This is very interesting. (Like, it kinda rehashes the four actors we know who they’re playing, but it also has an additional name on there that wasn’t reported before which is interesting). I forgot who posted it but somebody had a list of writers who worked on the show and it was somewhat even (7 writers; 3 women, one of which is a co-showrunner, and another is Korean). There’s also this from the CW that states Melissa Carter is a showrunner alongside Geoff Johns

    I hope we get some teasers and character portraits soon. I know other people didn’t like the first DC Universe teaser because of the unpolished green screen of the blue lockers, but I thought it was adorable and a cute quirky way to introduce some of the cast. It was Brec, Anjelika Washington, Yvette Monreal, and Hunter Sansone, and I still have the video even though they deleted, and I was like analyzing their clothes, their stances, and everything cause it was the first thing we got of the show. I hope they release something else–something more polished–that introduces the classmates.

    I loved the CW promo! It actually confirmed that speculation that this show would be about legacy. And then the deleted teaser said, “A new generation of superheroes.” I think it was you two who noted the two actors Amy Smart and Henry Thomas as popular 90’s actors, and speculating the show having superhero characters important in the 90’s? I think that that was a cool thing to notice. So, some people broke down the CW trailer, and noticed the person Courtney (and Pat inside STRIPE) was fighting was wearing green, had red hair, and used telepathy to strike objects at Courtney (first time, they thought Dragon King, second observation Brainwave).

    I like the shorts as like an amateur, teenage vision thing, and as she dives more into superheroism, she switches to pants. I love Kara’s new suit.

    I’m also betting that the show will air in May or late April along with The 100 and In the Dark (the other show returning in the spring without a premiere date). All the other shows (that premieres/returns in winter) are more than likely ending in April or early May, so yeah, I’m with y’all on it.

    I’ve been a little obsessed with this lmao

    I really *love* that y’all are the podcast hosts for this show. I hope you can find a working schedule to release more often because I like hearing y’all’s thoughts on the show and the speculations that come with it (from comic knowledge and analyses of other shows). Also, like, the race/gender commentary. It’s something I analyze in shows, and hearing women of color with experiences different from my own voice their thoughts on the matter while also geeking out over this piece of media is something I do love.

    I know I talk a lot. I’m really excited about the show, and I love listening to podcasts.

    1. So sorry we haven’t responded to you until now, Lea! We love your excitement! Thank you for more info about the tweet & the Brainwave theory is fascinating. Don’t apologize for talking a lot — as you can tell, we talk a lot too! 🙂