Quiver: Special 9 – Season 4 Primer

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Mike and Amanda are back from hiatus with a special summer episode to catch up on all the Arrow news! New costume, new bad guys, new tangents! It’s all there in this brand new special episode of Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast!

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  1. Hi There!

    Just thought id email in after listening to your Primer Podcast with a few things,

    1. I immensely dislike Diggles new outfit for Arrow! He looks like a Shredder from Ninja Turtles!

    2. Have you heard the Suicide Squad theory that the Joker isnt actually the real Joker but a mentally messed up Robin! There is a youtube clip on it with some evidence.

    3. I love your idea of Arrow and Flash visiting the multiverse world of Smallville, even if so i can just see 2 arrows, 2 flash and throw in Lex 2.0 as President!

    Looking forward to seeing how evil Damien Dhark is and Constantine mortifying kids parents by smokeing during prime time television!

    Keep On Poddin!

  2. Re: Suicide Squad’s first Joker Picture

    David Ayer or anybody at WB never said he would not have tattoos and the grill.
    Someone online made that up because they hate the Joker’s look. The Jason Todd
    Theory is the same thing. People can’t accept that the Joker has tatts and a grill.

    Me personally, I think it is great. He looks so nuts.