Quiver Season 5: Episode 2

Amanda and Mike are back with an all-new episode of Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast to recap the CW Arrow episode, “The Recruits!” Do the new recruits have what it takes to keep Star City safe? Can Oliver be the leader they need? Is there more than meets the eye to this Ragman character? Seriously, how great are Thea’s outfits this week!?! All these questions and more will be answered on this week’s all-new Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast!

1 thought on “Quiver Season 5: Episode 2

  1. Joe says:

    Sorry about the long comment but I didn’t have time to email before the episode was recorded so I’m just going to write my thoughts here. I have kind of a lot to say this week.

    I never liked this “recruits” premise because I thought it was cheesy and would not work out well and it seems I was right. Okay, so once again we get a “Felicity was right all along” thing. I thought we were all getting sick of that happening every single episode. Did we all just forget about that? Or is it now okay because it’s just not as bad as what we’ve been getting these last two seasons? So what was Felicity “right” about? Oliver was doing a terrible job training the recruits and needed to do what he did at the end. Well okay then, let’s think this through. Oliver is not only the Green Arrow but the mayor. Don’t you think that’s something he should keep under wraps? Because it seems like a pretty big deal to me. And yet he gives up his identity to a couple of people he’s barely met and doesn’t know who aren’t even tough enough to take someone yelling at them. What happens if they get captured by Church or any one of a hundred other villains? How long before they give Oliver up? All he’d need to do to break them is yell at them a little bit. We don’t even need to talk about torture because it wouldn’t even go that far. They’d give him up in like 25 seconds, would they not? Church would just raise his voice and they’d crack right there! “Who’s the Green Arrow?!” “Don’t yell at me! It’s Oliver Queen! Gaaawd! You’re such a meanie face poopie head!”

    Speaking of which, if you can’t take someone being mean to you and yelling at you how the hell are you supposed to be able to handle being a superhero’s sidekick? That’s a tough job, is it not? I don’t think the guys you’re going to be fighting on the streets are going to be kind and understanding. Getting yelled at is the least of your worries there. I’m flabbergasted that everyone is giving this a pass.

    Now let’s talk about Curtis. Curtis went from “I want to be a vigilante. I’ll do whatever it takes. I don’t ever want to feel helpless again.” to “You’re mean! You yelled at me! I quit!” within the span of an episode! Oliver should tell him to hit the bricks. Again, he clearly does not have what it takes to be in a superhero team. I’m just so sick of this premise already. It seems like everyone loves these last two episodes because it’s better than season four. That’s a low bar, is it not? I mean should that really be our standard? It reminds me of MRAs who say things in the US are better than Saudi Arabia or Iran so feminism is unnecessary. Should Iran really be the standard there? And as long as we’re better than that it’s all fine and dandy? So why is “better than season four” the standard here? Or should we expect something that actually holds up as a good TV show? I’m not expecting Game of Thrones or Breaking bad here, just a decent fun superhero show that doesn’t immediately fall apart under minimal scrutiny.

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