Quiver Season 4: Episode 16

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Amanda and Mike are back with an all-new episode of Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast to recap the CW Arrow episode, “Broken Hearts!” Can Oliver and Felicity learn to work tog… ugh… Do we really need to do this? Is this episode even worth discussing?! All these questions and more will be answered on this week’s all-new Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast!

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  1. Please find a way to cushion/dampen/insulate the walls of the room where you record. That sound is really bad on the the ears. No, it does not have to be “fm” studio quality, but what we listeners are putting up with is tiresome especially when your episodes are as long as they are.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. We’re still in a transition period, as we don’t have the new room set up to record in, but I’ll do my best to try and take some of the echo/sharpness out of the next episode.

  2. Hey Amanda &Mike

    You guys asked for the perspective of an Olicity shipper so I thought I’d write in…
    I completely agree with you guys that the writers are writing a completely different Felicity than we’ve had in the past, and frankly I don’t like it at all.
    Felicity was raised by a single mom because her father walked out on them, and she clearly still has issues because of it. Oliver had a really great reason to keep that secret, so the real Felicity (after getting over the initial shock) should’ve understood that Oliver was trying to do right by his son, by going along with Samantha’s ultimatum.
    There were so many better opportunities to break up Oliver and Felicity that they could have chosen, but this was just weak storytelling.

    Felicity’s on again/off again relationship with Team Arrow is getting tiring too. The only way I can see them recovering from this lapse in judgement is if Emily Bett Rickards goes over to The Flash after this season (but now would be better).
    I don’t want them back together on the show. The fake wedding was the final straw for me. The moment when he saw her in the dress took my breath away… for about half a second until reality crashed back down on me and then I was completely heartbroken for Oliver, because he clearly doesn’t want it to end. The fake ceremony and the vows were just too much. It was so cruel to both of them, Oliver pouring his heart out, and Felicity having to listen, knowing she’s about to stomp on it.

    Then there are my thoughts on Oliver/Laurel. Stephen Amell is the perfect Oliver Queen, and Katie Cassidy is the perfect Laurel Lance. That being said, Stephen and Katie have ZERO chemistry. In the show, I cannot see Oliver and Laurel together. They’re my “plain rice cakes” if I can borrow your analogy. I actually hated Laurel early on because it looked like they were trying to force the characters together and for me it just wasn’t working. I was really relieved when they revealed that her and Tommy were together, but I still didn’t like Laurel until they brought on Sara and she started having more scenes with her dad.

    Ok enough about Oliver’s live life.
    I actually sort of liked the Cupid plot of this episode, except for how it came out of nowhere. Roy “died” in prison nearly 8 months ago in the show’s continuity, and Lawton died even before that, but she’s just going on her killing spree now?! I highly doubt Lyla would have authorized her release, so even if Waller let her out the day she died, that’s at the very least 2, possibly up to 8 months of Cupid NOT on a homicidal rampage.

  3. First time listening to a quiver episode. You guys are great and PS I totally agree with the whole olicity situation although I hadn’t thought into it that much. Anyway great episode will definitely be listening to more ?