Quiver Season 4: Episode 15

Amanda and Mike are back with an all-new episode of Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast to recap the CW Arrow episode, “Taken!” Can Team Arrow rescue Ollie’s son from Damien Darhk? Will Thea discover Malcolm’s connection to all this? Is Vixen’s totem a match for Darhk’s magic? Why doesn’t Black Canary have an awesome graphic like Vixen does for her Canary Cry!?! All these questions and more will be answered on this week’s all-new Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast!


1 thought on “Quiver Season 4: Episode 15

  1. Joshua says:

    An enjoyable listen for sure. However, I can’t help but express my disagreement at your assessment of Felicity’s position in this episode. I apologize that this will be lengthy and maybe a shade critical, but it is what it is.

    I think you’ll find that few people would consider marriage to be a complete license to pry into every facet of a spouse’s life. Certainly, the example that you gave–snooping in someone’s emails–would be quite a violation. On this we agree. However, while the occasional fib regarding who ate the last cookie or whether one used up the toilet paper without replacing the roll might not be a dealbreaker, lying about one’s status as a parent is on a different level entirely. I could honestly consider Oliver’s failure to disclose the fact that he has a son to Felicity to be reasonable grounds for her ending the relationship even if they were simply dating. The fact that Felicity intended to become married to Oliver brings the omission to a whole new level, namely a legal one. The point where Oliver’s fatherhood would potentially have financial repercussions for Felicity is the point where Oliver no longer has an excuse to keep it from her. Now, given that you’re based in Canada, I don’t know how your legal system works re: child support, but I can’t imagine that it is so different from your neighbors to the south that you can’t relate. Contrary to your assertion that Felicity doesn’t deserve disclosure, this is certainly something that should give her the right to make an informed decision.

    What makes this more baffling is your treatment of Samantha in contrast. The suggestion that Oliver owes Samantha more consideration than the woman he proposed to confuses me. I have been generous to Oliver in saying that he merely made a lie of omission or misdirection, because it was stated that he has had something of an ongoing relationship with William to varying degrees of both certainty and depth, and that would have necessarily involved telling lies directly to Felicity. But what makes Samantha more deserving of Oliver’s respect than Felicity is of Oliver’s honesty? This is a woman who allowed Oliver to believe that she had lost his son, and we actually got to see him react to that news. If he had to choose to lie to Felicity or Samantha, why not lie to the woman who put him in an impossible, unreasonable situation in the first place instead of the woman with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life? Samantha did not even consider him important enough to inform him of William’s kidnapping until two days after it had occurred. Really, I thought Felicity came out well ahead of Samantha, given that she didn’t make the issue about them until after the dust had settled. Oliver rewarded her for her patience by consulting everyone other than her on what to do regarding his son, and then making a decision regarding it without even breathing in her direction.

    I’d reverse the standings as you’ve set them out, honestly. I find Oliver to be incredibly emotionally immature as displayed in this episode, though not quite so much as Samantha, and with much more cause. Felicity has them both beat by quite a bit.

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