Quiver Season 3: Episode 23

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Mike and Amanda are back with an all-new episode of Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast to recap the CW Arrow finale, “My Name Is Oliver Queen!” Can Oliver stop Ra’s from destroying the city? Can Team Arrow survive the effects of Oliver’s decisions? Could this be the end of the Arrow? Damn, doesn’t Thea look awesome in that Arsenal costume!?! All these questions and more will be answered on this week’s all-new Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast!

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  1. Seems like the end of the podcast, sounds like you two a really not into the Arrow anymore. While I agree with many points such as having too many parallels to Batman, I don’t agree with wanting to tie Arrow to Smallville or to lighten up and be a Flash clone (a great show too). The Green Arrow shouldn’t be “Team Arrow” but should go back to its roots, much like Ollie in the comics from the 80’s thru today, Ollie has never been able to maintain the role of team player for long and he hasnt been swashbuckling Robin Hood since Roy’s heroine addiction (which he tried to correctly by slapping Roy in the face repeatedly). After Roy, there was a 30 year gap before he was able to allow himself another sidekick (unlike Batman’s bootcamp of Robins). Oliver repeatedly makes the same mistakes throughout his characters history, cheating on Dinah repeatedly, not trusting teammates, burning bridges, quarreling with other heros (save Hal) and running his short lived “teams” into the ground thru his brashness and inability to trust. He has always been a man of extreme measures. His body count in the comics is hovering just under 20, he crosses the line repeatedly because he is driven by a belief in his own brand of justice, not the justice as prescribed by either Superman or Batman. His weapon of choice is barbaric by modern standards, it’s a sharp piercing weapon that evokes a harder less civilized time in history and is a visceral representation of his style, sharp and accurate but also brutal and messy to cleanup. He is a flawed human, he knows he is flawed but much like real people, he cannot completely change, like real people he makes small improvements and often falls back into his old ways. I feel that many of the reasons you both liked the show thru the first two seasons, not dragging on like Smallville, more grounded in reality, not a Joss Whedon quipfest copycat, has now been replaced by this desire to turn it into another Flash/Buffy/Smallville. clone. You complain about the darkness of the season but seem to have forgotten that’s how Arrow has differentiated itself from other superhero shows on tv, the first two seasons were not much lighter than this season, although I agree the previous two were better written and planned out. If you want a lighter show, we can all watch the Flash, the upcoming Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, let’s leave Arrow to the darkness, otherwise it’s just the Flash in a green costume, what’s the point? If you read the Longbow Hunters, Quiver and GA: Year One, you’ll see that the current tone of the show matches alot of these landmark stories which explore the actual character of Oliver and his central strengths and flaws that make him human.

  2. Thea did look awesome in that suit. But even moreso, she looked HOT! I’m sorry, but damn! She is so hot! Willa Holland is hot anyway but holy crap she is hot in that suit!

  3. Great season finale wrap-up! One question…we see Oliver board a ship bound for Coast City in the final flashback sequence. Isn`t Coast City where Oliver goes after he loses Queen Consolidated in The New 52 series. Is this not the perfect set-up for Season 4. Legends look after Starling while Oliver and company look after a new city and deal with the demons from his past (probably the Russian Mob story arc) in Coast City. Just a thought