Quiver Season 2: Episode 13

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Amanda and Mike are back with an all-new episode of Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast to recap the CW Arrow episode, “Heir to the Demon!” Will Arrow and the Canary survive their encounter with the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul? How will Oliver react to the truth about Thea’s father? Will the Lance family ever get a happy ending? Is Thea no longer capable of speech?!? All these questions and more will be answered on this week’s Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast!

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  1. Guys, the producers have said the plan is for Laurel to become the Black Canary, step by step:

    TVLINE | That’s good to hear, because one of my questions was how you planned to make Laurel relevant to this next wave of storytelling….

    You know, it’s been somewhat hard, I think, for Katie and us to hear some of the criticisms of her character because we don’t do anything without thinking about it. And one of the great things about having as much success as we had in Season 1 was the freedom to allow things to unfold the way that they should. We’ve always had a fantastic plan for Laurel’s character, and I know that there’s impatience out there in the world to see her “strap on the fish nets” [as Black Canary] but everything we’re doing is all about leading up to that in a the way that we feel keeps it the most realistic and grounded. To take somebody who is a public interest lawyer and turned her into a super hero… you have to go through the paces. So this season we’ve really been putting her through her paces.


    I think the transition should’ve started earlier, but we’ll see if by the end of the season she decides to start training or something.

  2. I loved this episode as it gave us deeper insight into Sarah’s past. Laurel’s addiction isn’t the only thing that haunts her. It’s also the fact that Sarah is always last punished and first forgiven. Ollie’s failing is the trust in his family. He trusts far too easily. He should have known from using his dad’s list that his family would constantly hold dark secrets. As for the Demon and his daughter, they speak not to the idea of immortality but how legacy haunts each of the characters we love. Keep up the great work Amanda and Mike.