Quiver Season 2: Episode 11

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Amanda and Mike are back with an all-new episode of Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast to recap the CW Arrow episode, “Blind Spot!” Can Laurel and the Arrow uncover the truth about Sebastien Blood? Will Laurel be able to recover from her pill addiction? Is Roy losing control as a result of the Mirakuru in his system? Will they ever address the fact that Thea is Malcolm’s daughter?!? All these questions and more will be answered on this week’s Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast!

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  1. I am writing in regards to the Laurel looks issue. I don’t think it was wrong of you to comment on it because it is becoming so noticeable and some are really concerned with how frail and unhealthy she looks. The writers don’t seem to be attributing it it her drug use. It may be wrong but every time she is on screen, her unhealthy looks distract me from the scenes. People are talking about it because it is so noticeable. I hope it is the actresses choice and not something personal. Either way, I hope the show runners will put her health first and address it with her. Regardless, as long as it is addressed in a tactful way and not meant hatefully, then I think it was something ok to address.

  2. I wanted to comment on Laurel’s downward spiral here. To her father, boss, friends it seems like her addiction has made her paranoid and affected her judgement. But we the audience know she is right. What message is this sending to us about her drug use – that it isn’t affecting her at all. Yes she had a DUI a while back but that was a one time incident. We hear that she stole the drugs from her father, I want to see her steal. I want to see her off her game in court or making up excuses to cover for needing to leave the room to get high. I want to see the real consequences of drug use. This isn’t taking her to her lowest depth, because yes she doubts herself now but in a few weeks when she sees she is right it just proves her point, that the drugs aren’t interfering. I know you had stated that her appearance has changed but I honestly didn’t really notice that. Maybe we will see the consequences more when she tries to stop taking them but it just seems like the writers/producers/etc have made a big deal about her addiction and bringing her to a low point but it is because of Sebastian Blood that she is where she is now (no job, father doubts her) not because her addiction has been causing bad judgement or changing her behavior.