Quiver Season 2: Episode 10

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Amanda and Mike are back from the best hiatus ever with an all-new episode of Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast to recap the CW Arrow episode, “Blast Radius!” Who is behind the recent bombings in Starling City? Can Oliver track down Brother Blood before he creates a Mirakuru army? Will Laurel ever date a guy who is not somehow connected to a plot to destroy Starling City and kill the Arrow? All these questions and more will be answered on this week’s Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast!

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  1. “They want us to worry about Laurel.”

    Yeah except no one is questioning “Laurel’s” appearance. The question only talked about “Katie” and it’s the same way all over Tumblr and fandom and it’s hateful and gross. To even entertain it is as podcast subject is obscene.