Quiver Season 2: Episode 1

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Amanda and Mike are back with an all-new episode of Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast to recap the CW Arrow Season 2 Premiere, “City of Heroes!” How is Oliver dealing with the death of Tommy? What are the consequences of Moira’s shocking confession at the end of last season? Who is the mysterious Isabel Rochev and what does she want with Queen Consolidated? How many times will Ollie save Felicity by swinging through the air in one episode!?!  All these questions will be answered on this week’s Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast!

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  1. Good episode again. I have listened to ever episode since the beginning, so I finally decided to leave a comment.
    The 1st episode of season 2 was really good. I had some minor problems but nothing major.
    I think Arrow is the best show on Network tv, while the Agents of Shield pilot was really bad. It’s had no interesting characters and the plot was boring. I think the plot will get better in future episodes, but who cares when you don’t care if the characters live or die. What really makes me mad is that it could have been amazing. Imagine “Heroes” meets “Alias”, instead we get Agent Coulson and a bunch of teenage agents with no acting talent and no charisma. Sigh

    You mentioned the DC cinematic universe. Arrow and Flash will obviously be in the same universe, but I think it and Gotham (FOX), Constantine (NBC), the Batman/Superman film and its sequels will all be in separate universes. Very different than Marvel Studios, but better because it’s less restricting than one big universe.