Quiver: Episode 8

Amanda and Mike are back with an all-new episode of Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast to recap the CW Arrow episode, “Vendetta.” Can Oliver reign in Helena’s vengeful ways? Is Diggle making eyes at his dead brother’s wife? Just how many invisible ink filled books are there? Will Felicity awkwardly proposition Walter accidentally?!? All these questions and more will be answered on this week’s Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast!

4 thoughts on “Quiver: Episode 8

  1. Lukas says:

    You guys are the best!! Keep Up the good work.

    Thanks in advance -> Arrow Fan from Scotland,UK

  2. Chris says:

    You guys suck, particularly Michael, but Arrow is a great show so I will continue to listen. No hard feelings but I don’t think Amanda Konkin gets to voice her opinions enough and y’all are kinda annoying.

  3. Lukas says:

    Dont listen to “Chris”!! Yous 2 are doing great job! Best arrow podcast i believe. I cant wait for episode 9 podcast. Please do it soon, forget doing it on video podcast just do it on audio- simple things go long way :). Thanks

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