Quiver: Episode 2

We’re back with more of Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast! Amanda and Mike are here this week to talk about the second episode of Arrow, “Honor Thy Father” and speculate wildly about the future of the Emerald Archer and the denizens of Starling City. Plus we hear from you guys in the mailbag! All that and much more on this week’s Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast!

1 thought on “Quiver: Episode 2

  1. Adam From New Zealand says:

    Hey Guys first off, Love the podcast!

    I always like to find a single podcast to go with new shows i watch. After going through a few with bad audio and boring hosts, i decided here’s where i will learn more about Arrow.

    I just came up with an interesting idea you could maybe do when the show goes into hiatus, you should review the Smallville episode “ARROW” and talk about the differences in the The Emerald Archer two incarnations.
    For example i preferred the shades he wore, black face paint GTFO!

    Just and idea, keep up the great work


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