Legends of Tomorrow Podcast Season 2 – Episode 2: Justice Society of America

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On this week’s Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, the Legendary Ladies are joined by guest host Andy Behbakht [The Flash Podcast] to discuss the introduction of the Justice Society of America. The crew analyzes the strengths, and weaknesses, of the JSA’s arrival, as well as the definitive growth of two Legends’ team members. They also delve into several post-production elements of the series and rave about a particular character’s musical cameo. As always, the ladies (and gent!) crown the character VIP and lament the Jax of the Episode, as well as share viewer feedback.

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  1. I noticed nobody in the bar in1942 was smoking. I guess it really is a different universe. On the other hand, The Legends kept their record of getting into a bar fight every time they go into a bar intact!