Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3 – Episode 14/15: Amazing Grace/ Necromancing the Stone

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It’s a long overdue, double douzey of an episode as the Legendary Ladies return to cover two episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, “Amazing Grace” (3×14) and “Necromancing The Stone” (3×15). Morgan, Kat, and Amy take a quick peak back at having Elvis as a guest, have a frank discussion about some of the critique of the episode, and do something they never thought they would do. The Ladies also break down one of the strongest character episodes of the season and share their opinions on Constantine. Of course, there is significant AvaLance talk, a host of user feedback, and a few very interesting question corners.

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1 Comment

  1. It’s painful to listen to such ignorant persons discussing something they know nothing about.
    Without Elvis, there would have been no Beatles. They started out as an Elvis cover band: see their song-list in the Beatles museum in Liverpool (I have).