Legends Of Gotham #112- The Bane Of This Episode

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Who is the man who shot good Ol’ Jim? Zsasz always had quite the problem with him. Why do people love Ivy so much? They can’t resist her poisonous touch. Is the GCPD secure? Not any Thursday. Will baby Batgirl survive till her birthday? Is Gotham a prison without any warden? It all depends of the verdict in “The Trial of Jim Gordon.”

Who is the daughter of the Demon’s Head? She’s feeling vengeful ‘cause the Demon is dead. Is Hugo Strange’s science insane? The answer is “yes.” The validation is Bane. Is Alfred injured? Pretty much always. Does Barbara Kean shoot from wheelchairs in hallways? Who was the man who caused all that pain? An answer from the shadows: “I Am Bane.”

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