Legendary Ladies Roundtable: Queer Representation in Media Part 2 (Coming Out Stories, Rom Coms, and More)

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This week, the Legendary Ladies return for part two of their Roundtable Series about LGBTQA Representation in media. Amy, Kat, and Morgan welcome back guests Phil Falco, Sarah Boyce, and Lara Hedberg to continue their conversation and analysis into queer representation and dive a little deeper into some of the challenges faced by the community as they hope to see themselves on the big screen. The hosts discuss the lack of “happy endings” for members of the queer community, the prevalance and importance of coming out stories, and the responsibility creators in the film and tv industry have to increase diversity in the writers room and on screen. Additionally, the panel works to identify what qualifies as “queerbaiting”, and whether Disney is working for or against further representation in their films and groups.

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