The Flash Podcast Special Edition 01 – DC Cinematic Universe

In a special edition episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy Behbakht and Adam Holmes discuss the news that broke a few weeks ago with Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment announcing their movie slate for the DC Cinematic Universe from 2016 to 2020. They talk Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, Justice League, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, The Flash and many more, and they give their thoughts and speculation about the upcoming pictures.

4 thoughts on “The Flash Podcast Special Edition 01 – DC Cinematic Universe

  1. Aaron Moss says:

    RE: I agree with you about the Flash movie – I agree that Miller doesn’t look quite right.

    As far as the quick announcement of Miller as the movie Flash, I think that in this day and age, they figured the news would get out and they’d rather it come from them first, than somewhere else. (not that I’m excusing them).

    And as far as the Suicide Squad movie….
    I hope they go for an old school line up like they are talking. I hope they don’t have Harley in it until the sequel (at least).
    Blockbuster was on old Batman villain that was in the Legends miniseries and was on the first Suicide Squad (died fighting Brimestone).
    Mindboggler was also a Batman villain that was in the original Suicide Squad (in the first issue). I’m actually covering these comics in my Task Force X podcast (just covered Secret Origins 14 and Suicide Squad 1… it can be located on iTunes and on my website (at and click on HEADCASTS)). I covered the Legends miniseries in my 2nd and 3rd episodes.

    But they need these lower tier, lesser known villains on the team so they can kill them off (hence the name of the team).

    Also, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and Amanda Waller need to be in the movie as they are lynchpins of the comic (and Amanda needs to be played by CCH Pounder…. quit with the CWing of everyone for God’s sake.. sorry, my own personal issue there).

    Jaculi was in the Squad’s first couple of issues as a member of a team called the Jihad (that the Squad fought).
    I don’t think Multiplex was ever actually a member of the team (maybe one mission I’m forgetting in my old age).

    And while Black Manta is in the newer team, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the movie (though I think it would be better for him showing up in Aquaman first…)

    Anyways… keep up the great work Andy. Enjoying the show.

    (hope I covered everything… I had a post written and then when I tried posting it, it got deleted.

    1. Andy Behbakht says:

      Thanks for the comment Aaron! Your first post got deleted? That’s weird because I haven’t seen any comments on this article from you, so this is the only one I saw. Really cool thoughts about each topic. Thanks for the kind words sir and if you wouldn’t mind, could you give our podcast a rating and review on our iTunes store page? We would really appreciate it!

      1. Aaron Moss says:

        Hey Andy;
        I’ve already given you an iTunes review back on Sept 9 (I’m Brother Head).

        Keep up the great podcast.

        If you get time check out mine (Task Force X and I also have Head Speaks) and let me know what you think. Task Force X reviews the John Ostrander Suicide Squad and the Checkmate comics from the late 80’s, early 90’s. Head Speaks is my ramblings about life, comics, and whatever crosses my mind.

  2. Guest says:

    Hey Andy;
    I’ve already given you an iTunes review back on Sept 9 (I’m Brother Head).

    Keep up the great podcast.

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