The Flash Podcast 13 – The Nuclear Man

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On this week’s episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy, Scott and Lauren review The Flash’s 13th episode titled “The Nuclear Man” as Barry and team S.T.A.R. Labs have to help Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond and Dr. Martin Stein). In addition, Shag from stops by for a brief chat about the episode. They also read listener feedback about the episode before heading into the spoiler section for next week’s episode “Fallout”.

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  1. Andrew mentions Wally and how he’s probably about 18 right now.

    But in comic book continuity, Wally is Iris’s nephew. Iris doesn’t have any brothers in the tv show, so no Wally.

    Unless on the tv show, Wally is Joe’s nephew.

    1. (My name isn’t Andrew, my nickname Andy stands for something else, but no worries!) – I don’t think I said Wally would probably be 18 by now, I said somewhere in his teens. I also don’t know why you brought up the Nephew aspect of it because we never said on this episode that Wally is her brother on the show. I’m fully aware that she is his aunt in the comics universe and that will probably be what they will do here too. Although I can see them actually do a little change where Wally is actually Iris’s brother and maybe lives with his mom as the show has hinted that Joe is divorced. But who knows what will happen, as long as we get Wally at some point!

    2. First of all, my name isn’t Andrew, my nickname Andy is for something else but no worries! I don’t think I said that he would probably be 18 by now, I said that he would most likely, in this world, be somewhere in his teens. We know that Wally is Iris’s nephew in the comics and we don’t know completely if she has brothers or not in this show because remember, her mom is (as far as we know) somewhere out there. I think the show has hinted that Joe got a divorce and there is a chance that Wally, in this version, might be a SON rather than a nephew, and lives with his mom instead of living with his father and sister. But at some point we will meet him so we just have to wait and see!

    3. The executive producers already confirmed that we will be seeing Wally show up on the show though not this season.