The Flash Podcast 10 – Revenge of the Rogues

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On this week’s episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy and Scott are once again joined by Amy Marie (guest host of episode 8) to review The Flash’s mid-season premiere titled “Revenge of the Rogues” where Captain Cold returns to Central City with Heat Wave to take down Flash. They also read listener feedback about the winter premiere before heading into the spoiler section for next week’s episode “The Sound and the Fury”.

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  1. The final battle of this episode bothered me. The first time Barry fought Snart, Snart was able to use the fact that Barry is concerned about saving others to distract him.

    This time around, somehow it was determined the only way to stop them was to “cross the streams”. Barry runs at hundreds of miles per hour. In the Flash/Arrow crossover, Barry was able to disarm and tie up a bunch of people in a warehouse. But he’s unable to come up behind Cold and Heat Wave and swipe their guns? Why?

    Meanwhile, CCPD is useless. They are there at the intersection, but they didn’t bring any snipers along? They were unable to take a headshot on Cold and Heat Wave?