The Flash Podcast 08 – Flash Vs Arrow: The Brave and The Bold

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On this week’s big episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy, Adam, Scott and special guest Amy Marie (From GamerHub TV) review the epic crossover episodes between The Flash and Arrow titled “Flash Vs Arrow” and “The Brave and the Bold”. They also read listener feedback about the crossover before heading into the spoiler section for the big mid-season finale next week, “The Man in The Yellow Suit”.

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1 Comment

  1. A couple of comments about this episode (since I’m too lazy to re-listen to your podcast to get your e-mail address and I can’t find it on here)…

    I thought this episode was FANTASTIC. I loved seeing Firestorm (well the beginning of Firestorm). Firestorm is one of my 2 favorite heroes and Flash is in the top 5.
    I think Amell did a great job as Ronnie.

    Also, I loved Capt. Boomerang over on Arrow (Capt Boomerang is one of my favorite rogues as he’s also a Squader (which I do a podcast on (entitled Task Force X)).
    Roy G Bilvo was also a cool addition (and a surprise that they used him).

    I’m enjoying your show. You guys are doing a great job talking about these episodes.

    Only “problem” I have is that you keep complaining about Batman V Superman. Just to let you know, V is another way of abbreviating versus (either V or VS is acceptable). Like a bastardized version of Biff Tanner says in Back To The Future 2, “You sound like an idiot when you complain about it.”
    In fact, saying V instead of versus is a lot more acceptable and common place than “shipping names”.

    But that’s my pet peeve.

    Anyways… keep up the great work.

    Also just to let you know, I give your show a shout out in my current episode of my Head Speaks podcast (episode 5).

    If you guys have an ad, I can play it during my shows (as I like pimping shows I listen to).

    Anyways… until The Flash stops running permanently… make mine DC (and The Flash Podcast).